Thomas The Tank Engine Backpack £2.99 @ Play

22 June 2011

thomasTheTankEngineBackpack Play are selling this rather cute Thomas the Tank Engine backpack for just £2.99, instead of £7.99, at the moment.

It's usually women who are a bit obsessed with bags - I'm not one of them, I hasten to add - but my youngest has had a bit of a bag thing going on for a few years now.

He likes to keep things in bags and backpacks as well as boxes; a  Bakugan backpack for all his Bakugan things, a Star Wars backpack (or six) for all of his Star Wars bits and pieces and yes, a Thomas the Tank Engine backpack for all of his Thomas things.

And then there's the bag for swimming, the bag for football, his bag collection is really quite something.

I daren't show him this Thomas the Tank Engine backpack, he'll launch into a huge convoluted explanation about how he NEEDS it and that his life, and therefore mine, will be much easier if he has it - seriously, he's not five for another couple of weeks but is already a top class negotiator!

If you have a child like mine then you may, or may not, want to add this Thomas the Tank Engine backpack to their collection, or you may have a child who is a Thomas fan and just needs a new bag.

£2.99 is all you'll have to pay as Play don't charge for UK deliveries.

Thanks to deborahm at HUKD

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