Melissa And Doug Alphabet Stamp Set £11.99 @ Amazon

10 August 2012

Amazon are selling this Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set for £11.99, rather than its full £14.99 price.

I do love Melissa and Doug things and this Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set is great for two groups of people

1) Those who are very into stamping and making their own cards and getting all arty farty with this sort of thing; and/or

2) Little ones heading off to school

Anything that helps youngsters get to grips with their alphabet can only be a good thing and this Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set will, I know, really help them out.

Alphabet charts are okay, they're great in fact, but using something like this Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set can add another dimension to alphabet learning.

You can jumble up the letters and help your child to rearrange them back into order; YOU can stamp the alphabet on some paper, then your child can copy what you've done by having to find the right stamp to match the next letter etc.

See!  They're great and being able to get 'hands on' with the letters can often help to cement new knowledge into young brains; marvellous!

There's no delivery to pay for standard delivery, which takes around three working days, of your Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp set, so £11.99 is all you're required to part with...assuming Amazon haven't put the price back up by the time you've stumbled across this post.

Happy alphabet stamping!

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