Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Marvel Avengers Puzzle £9.49 @ Amazon

5 February 2013

I first told you about these Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough puzzles last month - a Mickey Mouse one and a Hello Kitty one.  This Marvel Avengers version is, I think, the best one by far but it's not been discounted until now.

That said, Amazon keep fiddling with the price - at the time of writing it's £9.49, rather than £14.99; if it's gone up by the time you get here don't dismiss it, just keep an eye and pounce when it goes back down again.

One hundred pieces make up this Mega Bloks 3D Breakthrough Marvel Avengers Puzzle and brings a whole new dimension to jigsaw puzzles - a third dimension, in fact!  Here's what you do:

  1. Piece together the two-dimensional background image, as you would with a traditional puzzle; but then
  2. Clip the 3D elements onto the top of the background to turn it into a 3D puzzle masterpiece

I love puzzles, so this sounds awesome to me and will definitely engage young puzzlers who've got a little bored with normal puzzles - the only downside is traditional puzzles never quite being 'enough' again!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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