£29 Worth Of Money Off Household Shopping @ Super Savvy Me

31 May 2014

Super Savvy Me Super Savvy Me has a page full of money off coupons that you can print and use to take money off your shopping if you're doing an 'end of the month' shop soon. These are coupons for things like dishwasher tablets, cleaners, make up and feminine hygiene products.

We all know that that big 'end of the month' shop can cost a fortune. You can be frugal on your food, walk right by the luxuries and be really pleased with your basket total, then remember that you have to get some dishwasher tablets, floor wash, sanitary towels and nappies, and before you know it, the cost of your basket has doubled.

This might not help with the doubled prices, but taking up to £29 off your bill can't hurt .

You'll have to sign up to become a member of Super Savvy Me, and it looks like you can only print each voucher once.

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