Silver Spring Character Water Review

20 July 2011

HiT Spring Water - All 3 designs

I was, at first, laughing at this idea. Bottled water for kids that is cheap, sure, but still I doubted it would make any difference to my child’s water consumption. And it is water intake that this initiative is attempting to repair as only six percent of children drink their recommended daily allowance of water.

This is a worrying fact when you consider how essential it is that children drink water and stay hydrated! Needless to say, Silver Spring got together with HIT Entertainment to create a new spring water designed for kids that has awesome characters on the bottle. You can choose from Angelina Ballerina, Fireman Sam or Bob the Builder.

Fortunately for the review (not so good for my little one) my daughter, an avid drinker of juice but not so avid a consumer of water, was down with a temperature  and an upset stomach when the products arrived. The indications were clear. She needed to drink lots of water. She refused to unless it was flavoured with juice. Clearly we were at an impasse as juice is not good on sore tummies and she is only allowed two glasses a day anyway.

Out popped Angelina Ballerina.

There was a small silence.

What’s that, mummy?” said the voice that had been, only two seconds ago, truculent and cross.

It’s Angelina Ballerina’s water,” was my cunning reply.


I want it!

She proceeded to sip at the bottle, as instructed, for the next hour and insisted on it being refilled at least three times more that day. And both Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder were consumed with as much alacrity.

Clearly this is a genius idea for anyone who has a kid that doesn’t drink much or has become all fixated on juice (darn schools!).  Silver Spring bottles are 300ml, fit in the lunchbox and cost £2.49 for a pack of six.

What do you think?

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