Adulting Reward Stickers £2.95 @ Etsy

Adulting Reward Stickers £2.95 @ Etsy

Kids get covered in reward stickers these days, for using the potty, being helpful, getting full marks in the spelling test... but what about us parents? Well here's something that is just for us - Adulting Reward Stickers.

These are stickers that you can reward yourself with when you have achieved the seemingly impossible tasks that the average grown-up has to tackle. It's about time we got some recognition for putting away the laundry (surely the most mundane task of the day), or for not spending all your money.

There are four packs to choose from, and all are available from Etsy seller Peanut Parade.

These fun stickers are available in the UK Etsy site, but they are being shipped from Canada so there will be charges for that to be added on to the £2.95 price listed. I can't imagine it will be huge amounts for something this size, but the price will depend on your location.

I just earned "I had SOME wine", and "I didn't eat ALL of the chips". ;)

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