Zhu Zhu Babies Dance Recital £7 @ Tesco Direct

Zhu Zhu Babies Dance Recital £7 @ Tesco Direct

The Zhu Zhu babies dance recital set is down from the originally hideous £22.97 to a much tastier £7, a saving of £15.97 off the original price. Nice. Tesco is having a very enjoyable sale at the moment and I am loving the discounts as I have a ton of birthday parties coming up!

The Zhu Zhu pets range confuses me. At first I loved them and wanted one – I probably wanted it more than my daughter did. Then I nabbed a few in a sale, paying something silly like £1 each, and now they sit, in their dusty habitat, covered in a layer of the same dust.

The batteries died at around the same time as interest in them did. They don’t DO anything and all the habitats are stupidly expensive. Now you have the Zhu Zhu babies range and this toy will apparently let your Zhu Zhu pets twirl the night away in front of an audience. If you have the babies and the hamsters, the price is right, otherwise run screaming.

Thanks to oxananoguchi at HUKD!


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