Workshop Wednesday: Photograph Flower Garden

Do you have boxes of  old photographs lying around that you know you'll probably never do anything with? Well, I do, and I'm on a mission to find things to do that will use up the photos, act as a reminder for my daughter of her family far away, and be a fun activity too.

What you need: 

  • Green paper for leaves and stems
  • Cupcake cups
  • Photographs
  • Scissors
  • Glue

It depends on the age of your child, I guess. You could draw the stems and leaves and have your child cut them out - this will also make the activity last longer. Or you could let them do the whole thing. For my two year old, I cut out the leaves and stems and cut circles around the faces we would use.
To do: 
It's a really simple  activity, actually - dot glue inside the cupcake cups and stick the pictures inside. While those are drying, stick down the stems and leaves and then glue the cups to the stems.  You can then decorate the page by adding grass, sand, birds and a sun... but my daughter had used up her attention span by that point, so we just hung it up for the glue to dry.

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