Toy Story 3 Spin Kicking Buzz Lightyear £4.99 @ Home Bargains

Toy Story 3 Spin Kicking Buzz Lightyear £4.99 @ Home Bargains


If you have seen Toy Story 3 then you'll know that Buzz gets to pull some pretty cool moves in this particular movie. I can't remember him being so good at martial arts in the first two movies, and I have seen those two a LOT. My son doesn't rewatch Toy Story 3 as much but he does repeatedly beg me to not throw his toys away now, sigh. But I digress. This particular toy is the Toy Story 3 Spin Kicking Buzz Lightyear, priced at £4.99 by Home Bargains. The RRP is £12.99.

This particular Buzz is described as one of the deluxe action figures. You push a button on his back to active the spin kicking motion. The toy has an approximate height of 15cm and is recommended for ages 4 and upwards.

That's a fairly good size, perhaps a little big to put aside for a stocking filler. Having said that, I'm not entirely tempted to buy it myself. We already have about five versions of Buzz Lightyear, two of which are this big. I'm not entirely keen to add to the collection. We'll run out of space soon! But at this price it would make a great addition to the present drawer.


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