Thomas & Friends Pocket Kite @ Amazon

thomasKite Now Thomas can be free of the rails and SOAR high up in the air!

This is cute and I can guarantee that your little Thomas fans will LOVE IT!  In fact, we all love playing with the pocket kites that we have here.

It's a great excuse to get the kids out of the house when the weather is being less than 'friendly' and the small ones always come back exhilerated and exhausted; lots of running around, lots of fresh air and lots of laughter and anticipation as to how long it will stay up in the air this time!

thomas2It's such a perfect little thing - it doesn't cost the earth, it doesn't take up any room at all, it doesn't require batteries, it doesn't require any assembly, there are no parts to be lost and it provides HOURS of fun (as long as there's wind - it doesn't come with that).

It can be flown in force 3 to 5 winds and measures 68cm x 53cm and comes complete with line and handle - all you need to do is go out on a windy day, unpack it and fly it!  They are brilliant fun.

Thanks to Twinx over at HUKD!

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  • Kev
    These are great kites for when out and about. Can't say it's much of a price deal, but they are great kites!
  • Sarah
    Oh I dunno Kev - less than a fiver for HOURS of fun seems like a good deal to me!

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