Tesco Toy Sale Now Live (Expired)

Tesco Toy Sale Now Live (Expired)

You have got to love a good old Toy Sale at this time of year. Tesco Direct have just launched theirs and it's looking pretty hot. With nearly, 300 toys reduced, you could smash your Christmas Shopping and save yourself £££'s!

There's lots to choose from but we have whittled it down into a time-saving list for you:

Click and Collect your Toy Bargains for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have them delivered.


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  • Naomi H.

    When is this on until?

  • Kim D.

    the tractor is only £35 but I can't get on to the website!!!

    • Jacqui F.

      Where you going to put a tractor!? You complain about all his toys now!

    • Andrea P.

      Is this in store too??

      • Claire M.

        Ohh will look x

        • Holly F.

          When's the sale on until? Thanks x

          • Natalie G.

            Is it in store or just online?

            • Becki V.

              thinking that table train track

              • Lucyna G.

                I am not sure if I want to think about Xmas already :scream: x

                • Lesley M.

                  Thank you for this just for loads for my daughter made up xx

                  • Kerri S.

                    Will have a nosy online x

                    • Alexandra A.

                      Just bought the batman bike. Bargain. Thanks for the heads up :blush:

                      • Patsy D.

                        Thank you xxx

                        • Nicki M.

                          My little boy has this and he loves it!

                          • Kerry B.

                            Also little first riders trikes for £7.50 just bought one for my little one.

                            • Vicki D.

                              What's the trike called I can't find one on there but looking for one for my little boy x

                              • Kerry B.

                                Just found it on the tesco site red ones and grey ones it comes up at 10 but in the basket at 7.50.

                              • Kirsty B.

                                My son has this and is a tall 21 month old. He loves it!!! He stores toys in the seat too :blush:

                                • Scott H.

                                  That will do

                                  • Chris D.

                                    Buy it now!!

                                    • Sky S.

                                      Aww that is super cute!

                                      • Harriet D.

                                        Perfect!!! Ta xx

                                        • Emma S.

                                          Wow that's a fab deal!! Si was talking about something like this the other day. Question....Why are boys toys so bloody big lol :joy: