Star Wars Monopoly £12.50 @ Amazon

Star Wars Monopoly £12.50

There are so many special editions of the classic board game Monopoly that you can find one to suit just about everyone now, with versions featuring Frozen, Marvel Avengers and even Pokemon to name just a few. This Star Wars Monopoly is a great price at Amazon as it's down to just £12.50, and seeing as the RRP is more than double that at £29.99 I think that's a bargain.

You play this is in a similar way as the classic Monopoly game, but with a few changes. You choose to play as either the Rebel or Empire side, and you get to play as Star Wars character pieces. There's also 'Force Cards' rather the traditional Chance Cards, and the whole board is themed around the last film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You get the themed gameboard, 4 character tokens (2 Rebel, 2 Empire), 48 bases (all double-sided), 36 Force cards, 4 symbol cards, 2 dice, 1 money pack, and a game guide.

If you're wanting to get that Christmas Board Game sorted out nice and early then this is a brilliant price, and the lowest it has ever been.

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  • Lisa C.

    Awesome!!!!! :))) x

  • Catie R.

    Ha cool!

  • Lisa C.

    Just bought one :)

  • Lisa C.

    Thank you :)

  • Becki I.

    , , , - how cool :)

  • Lisa C.

    I bought mine at the price shown, when I view on Amazon now it's gone up to £14 odd quid! Got it in time I think.

  • Rachael C.

    Ah brill x

  • Lisa O.

    Ooo I like .. xxx

  • Gemma M.

    I want this for Xmas

  • Julie A.

    Good spot ! That's my first Xmas prezzie bought. But who will get it....

  • Ian S.

    I've got an older edition......however it's not circular, surely that's justification!

  • Sam M.

    one to put away for Xmas xxx

  • Lee D.

    I already have Star Wars monopoly lol xx

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