Small Foot Company Pink Wooden Tea Set £16.06 Was £24.99 @ Amazon

Small Foot Company Pink Wooden Tea Set £16.06 Was £24.99 @ Amazon

Small Foot Company tea set

With a daughter about to have her first birthday, I am an absolute sucker for cute tea party sets and other suitable first birthday presents right now. So check out this utterly adorable wooden Small Foot Company tea set, on offer at Amazon right now for £16.06 instead of £24.99 - with free delivery, too!

I can't stress the importance of nabbing this RIGHT NOW if you're thinking of buying one though - at this price these are going to literally fly off the shelves and if you check back in half an hour I can pretty much guarantee that these will either be out of stock, or those cheeky dudes at Amazon will have popped the price back up, wise to the fact that they'll be flogging loads of them after we've told you about them!

The reviews are fab - check this out:

"My granddaughter aged 2 absolutely loves this and spends hours making us cups of tea with the teabags and offering cookies to go. A very sturdy construction and very pretty colours. Would absolutely recommend."

The only less-than-glowing review mentions the fact that it arrives in very basic packaging which the buyer didn't think was ideal for a birthday present - but frankly that wouldn't put me off at this price.


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