Sambro Junior Paw Patrol or Blaze Pro Basketball Set £12.98 @ Groupon

Sambro Junior Paw Patrol or Blaze Pro Basketball Set £12.98 @ Groupon

Wow this is a bargain! This Sambro Junior Pro Basketball Set will definitely keep the kids busy over the Summer! And you can choose from their favourite characters, either Paw Patrol or Blaze and the Monster Machines.

This bargain play set can be yours for just £12.98 from over at Groupon.

This is a great way to keep the kids active, it can be used indoors or outdoors and is perfect for little ones as it is child sized.

It has a basketball hoop on a frame which features either Paw Patrol or Blaze on the back of it. There's also a net to catch the ball in which saves you running round trying to find the ball!

Also included is a kid's sized basketball which is the perfect size to help with their hand and eye coordination. It can be easily dismantled for storage and doesn't take long to put together either.

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Sandra A.

    Alex would love this although it looks quite small

    • Carly R.

      Yeah good idea but does look small compared to the kid next to it

      • Sandra A.

        yeah just what I thought

      • Stacey W.

        harley would love this :)

        • Ashleigh W.

          Yeah he would love it haha, have to get one for the new house xx

        • Gemma J.

          Haha! I was actually thinking of getting one of these! Xx

          • Sarah W.

            I just seen this he would love it!!

            • Kirsty S.

              Im going to have a look on the site now xxx

              • Lara C.

                I would but I don't know how to work group on?

                • Sharon C.

                  That's cool. I like it xxx

                  • Simmone T.

                    Might have to get Oliver one for his birthday x

                    • Natalie M.

                      Kl Jamie would love that x

                      • Rachel S.

                        Really good price. I'm starting to think bout Xmas all ready lol xxx

                        • Jennifer H.

                          Ah that's cool! Been wanting to get him a basketball net for ages xx

                          • Cheryl C.

                            Seen this . Only 30 inches tall though . Think id rather get one to put on back of his door or something x

                            • Catherine A.

                              Annoys me that it's aimed at boys

                              • Emma J.

                                Noah would love this maybe for Xmas xx

                                • Louise R.

                                  Ahhhh they are awesome! If only they had a shimmer and shine one :joy:

                                  • Hannah D.

                                    we just ordered one but it is not very good quality. I know they are a good price but very easily broken xx

                                    • Ruth F.

                                      Freddie needs one of these!!

                                      • Rogers F.

                                        His cousin Cooper does too Uncle Jake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                                      • Sam B.

                                        this would be good for the garden

                                        • Sam W.

                                          I've bought this for Jack to go in his bedroom. Probably not the best idea now i think about it:confused:

                                          • Sam B.

                                            Haha I would do the same if we didn't have the 3 boys in a box room. Now everything goes in the garden instead lol

                                          • Kara E.

                                            Just ordered. This looks ace x

                                            • Danielle T.

                                              Sebastian would love one of these!!!