Remote Controlled Monster Truck £12.99 @ Argos

Remote Controlled Monster Truck £12.99 @ Argos

monsterTruckGive this remote-controlled monster truck to your child and you'll stack up so many parental brownie points you won't know what to do with them all!

This 1:16 scale replica is, according to the reviews, bigger than it looks in the pictures and with monster truck that's exactly what you want!

It's got HUGE soft chunky tyres, typical 'hot rod' drag racing-esque flames on the body work, bull-bars on the front AND - and this would be the thing that would get me most excited a kid - the headlights WORK!

Night-driving in the garden can now become a reality rather than the stuff that dreams are made of and your child can become a four-wheeled explorer, driving into the dark depths unchartered lands such as 'Underneath-of-Bed' and 'Behind Sofa'.

It runs on a frequency of 27MHz and is 38cms long.  It's suitable for drivers who are four years or over and requires 5 x AA batteries and 1 x 9V battery (neither of which are included).

This is a MONSTER deal at £12.99 (was previously £39.99!) so if, by some stroke of luck, your local Argos has these in stock you'll be able to arrange to collect, otherwise you can order it for home delivery and their standard delivery charges will apply.

Thanks to PeggyBedford over at HUKD!


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