Pokemon Sale: Buy 2 Bundles Get £15 Off @ Build-a-Bear (Expired)

Pokemon Sale @ Build-a-Bear

Have your kids been eyeing up the Pokemon toys at Build-a-Bear? They definitely don't come cheap, but if they're on the kids Christmas lists you can save yourself some money with this offer, as you when you buy 2 Pokemon Bundles you get £15 off!

There are six bundles in this offer, and all are online exclusives, so you can't get them in stores.

Each bundle includes the Pokemon character, plus clothing and accessories, and bundles range from £42.50 up to £49, so £15 off is a decent saving, and the first discount we have seen on these highly sought after toys.

There's no code needed, just add any two qualifying items and the discount will be applied automatically.

The offer is on for a limited time only, and is while stocks last. Home delivery costs £3.25 per order.

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  • Dominic A.

    Christmas is coming! :thumbsup: and my birthday! :joy::thumbsup:

  • Sam C.

    Lol there is so much cool stuff out now...but yeah pricey x

  • ʚϊɞ �.

    We will have to take him x

  • Harry A.

    I have the charmander :slight_smile:

  • Martin M.

    Yes you will have to!!! Xx

  • Toni F.

    Oooh thanks how long for ? X

  • Mark Q.

    He would be so excited if he got one

  • Mark Q.

    Just found out how to do this xxxxxc

  • Hayley C.

    Your liking the gifs :joy::joy:

  • Chantelle R.

    I know! It's buy one get one free online!! I seriously want the vulpix already been looking :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Vicci S.

    I only know of white rose x

  • Lizzie T.

    I have eevee and vulix is on her way xxx

  • Tasha B.

    Will have to try n get in there

  • Michelle M.

    oh ok i thought it was the accesories. x

  • William D.

    Have to get him.picachu xxxxx

  • Rebecca S.

    Are they? I haven't actually opened the link xxx

  • Rebecca S.

    Omg!! That's silly money xx

  • Ian N.

    Yep crazy for 1 teddy xxxx

  • Ashley P.

    i just seen save £15 so that's a no then haha

  • Zara G.

    I know right I almost fainted lol xx

  • Matthew E.

    We’ll have to go there one weekend

  • Karen V.

    Oh I might the boys one each for xmas good find thank u xx

  • Daniel R.

    He would like charmander and meowth

  • Sam B.

    Waiting till xmas n then he is going to get ones he wants x

  • Lee O.

    Yup we saw Vulpix the other day

  • Kristen R.

    I saw these yesterday I need them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Luke R.

    I need ALLLLL these in my life ;-P

  • Ciara L.

    Omg!! This would literally make adams life :joy: must look into this!!

  • Jon H.

    We have the eevee and squirtle. I loterally cant let my kids anywhere near one or a begging fest breaks out lol

  • Candice L.

    Thats good there was an offer on when we got his to xxx

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