Original Rubik's Cube £5.12 @ Amazon

Original Rubik's Cube £5.12 @ Amazon

rubiksCubeIf you're going to buy a twisty cube thing where you have to get each side to be all the same colour, then make sure it's an Original Rubik's Cube!

Memories of the year I got an Original Rubik's Cube are still so VERY vivid in my mind.

I remember the hype and the excitement surrounding the Rubik's Cube when it was released back in 1980.

There was a big family party at my nan's that year, on Boxing Day, and all the cousins had an Original Rubik's Cube.  I remember being in complete awe of my cousin Paula who had already learned how to solve it - I've never done it, not even to this day.

I'm a bit of a numbers fan and I know that the answer to solving the Original Rubik's Cube puzzle is with maths and logic. I just looked up some information about the Rubik's Cube and have totally fried my brain!

If maths this early on a Sunday morning doesn't appeal to you, then look away now:

There are eight corner cubes and 40,320 different ways to arrange them; there are 12 edges and 239,500,800 ways to arrange them and with one of the most hideous looking sums I've ever seen, some bright spark has calculated that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different permutations (that's 43 quintillion apparently!) that can be had on a single Original Rubik's Cube.

I can't comprehend that, but I can comprehend that these toys, some 30 years on, STILL make excellent stocking fillers and that Amazon will give you an Original Rubik's Cube in exhange for £5.12 of your hard-earned cash, instead of £10.99.


Thanks to Aijbee over at HUKD


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  • Anish
    It comes up as £7.45 not £5.12!
    • Sarah K.
      Amazon change their prices more often than the Liberals change their mind about student tuition fees. We have no control over that and 8am the Rubik's Cube was on sale for £5.12.