In The Night Garden Alarm Clock £2.09 @ M&M Direct

19 June 2010

ITNG1 *Sing along now everyone* YES! My name is Iggle Piiiiigle, Iggle, Iggle, Wiggle, Iggle Piiiigle!

It amuses me greatly that there are In the Night Garden alarm clocks. Each episode begins with a little child going to sleep and ends with everyone going to bed along with the dulcit tones of Derek Jacobi telling us that, "Someone's not in bed...Iggle Piggle's not in bed!"

The Night Garden is a place that 'lives' somewhere in between being awake and asleep and after all the adventures are done everyone goes to sleep, "Goodnight Maka Paka; goodnight Tombliboos; goodnight Upsey Daisy." None of them have an alarm clock!

But maybe it's just my strange sense of humour that finds this funny and is of no consequence really because all young kiddies I know enjoy having clocks in their bedrooms. I think it has something to do with feeling 'grown up' because the desire for a clock of their own seems to emerge before they can even tell the time.

iggle piggle2The clock has an hour, minute and second hand (handy really, for a clock!), an alarm function and requires 1 AA battery which isn't included.  It's made of plastic and features Iggle Piggle on the face and is bound to be a big hit with your little ITNG fan.

M&M Direct have reduced their stock of In The Night Garden alarm clocks from £12.99 to £2.09 and even with the £3.99 delivery cost, is still a nice little bargain.

Thanks to homebaked over at HUKD!

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