Moon Dough Super Value10 Pack For £5.00 @ Tesco Direct

Save an awesome £15.00 on the Moon Dough Super Value10 Pack from Tesco Direct. The pack of Moon Dough comes in ten different colours; perfect to get the kids started or booster their existing supply and it has been reduced from £20.00 to only £5.00, lovely.

Modelling and making things out of coloured doughs is a favourite past time for thousands of kids but this isn’t just any dough, it’s Moon Dough. Moon Dough is the magical modelling clay that never stains or dries out and is always light and pliable. It’s great for kids that get it everywhere and leave it lying around without packing it away in a sealed container.

The Moon Dough Super Value 10 Pack is the ideal way for your kids to start their creative Moon Dough experience. They can make anything they can possibly think of. It’s hypo-allergenic, and with ten different colours to choose from, it’s ideal for children aged 3 years and older.

Thanks to Beechwoodsmiths at HUKD!

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  • Snow_Bunny
    Shame, there is no store pick-up option...
  • Mummyofthree1
    That's cause it's actually from the entertainer and not tesco. So if you have one of them close it might be a better option
  • Snow_Bunny
    We do! Thanks for your reply, I'll get it at "The Entertainer" then.

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