Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure £6.39 @ Amazon

Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure £6.39 @ Amazon

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If your child plays Minecraft on the Xbox then chances are they will be asking for the merchandise for Christmas. Let me tell you that most of it is cardboard junk, not just that, but it's flaming expensive. Deals on Minecraft stuff are like gold dust, but here's one. Head over to Amazon and you will find the Minecraft Diamond Steve action figure for ONLY £6.39. This is £7.99 in Toys R Us, so really this isn't a bad price at all.

What do you get for your £6.39? In simple terms a plastic toy, that will resemble something out of a McDonald's Happy Meal. However, you will get mega brownie points from your child. They will LOVE you for buying them this. Kids don't just like Minecraft, it consumes them, they become obsessed. How do I know this? I have a house full of Minecraft crazies!

Steve comes in his diamond armour and with accessories. At least he is made out of plastic, other Minecraft merchandise tends to be cardboard. Why on earth give cardboard to a child? It ends up mashed in ten seconds flat!

If you are buying the Minecraft Diamond Steve action figure then skip the postage fee by adding on another item to take your order up to or over the £10 threshold. For example this Minecraft animals sticker pack*.

Thanks to Babytiger007 @ HUKD


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