I Love Ponies Styling Head £12.49 @ Toys R Us

23 September 2010

horsie I’ll be honest, I find these styling heads a little freaky, especially the dolls. There you have this decapitated doll (or horse) so you can style its hair. Tell me I am not the only person who thinks this is a little worrying? Well, whether us parents find it odd  or not, this is a good deal on this toy for tots at only £12.49 from Toys R Us.

This I Love Ponies styling head lets you style and cut the hair over and over again. It is one of those funky (terrifying) heads that has the hair magically growing back after you’ve cut it. It comes with colour changing hair and over 20 different accessories.

Children who enjoy clipping and cutting and styling and combing will thoroughly enjoy playing with this horsie I poniesreckon. I know my daughter is about to enter this stage right now. Why? Because last night I endured an hour of styling to my hair and it was quite painful. Go plastic horse, I say!

It is half price at Toys R Us so nab your one today!

Thanks to shelleyizzyprawn at HUKD!

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