Hello Kitty Glitter And Glow £5.25 @ Amazon

Hello Kitty Glitter And Glow £5.25 @ Amazon


Amazon has dropped the price on this Hello Kitty Glitter and Glow toy from £19.99 to £5.25 and it comes with free delivery over £10. So, you could buy two, still save £14.74 on each of them and still come in under the original price that one used to cost, get them both delivered for free and pop one of them into your present cupboard for gifting emergencies. WIN!

The Hello Kitty Glitter and Glow is a thing. If you hit the button, then the glitter will light up and create this magical whirlpool of colour that sparkles and shines. Entrancing stuff for kids (and some adults like me – shiiiny). The globe can be removed and used as a fun bouncy ball too. That I did not expect, I thought it was glass.

There are multi-coloured LEDs inside the ball that add to the magical effect and it will turn off automatically after a while. You will also need three LR03 batteries which is a bit tedious.

Thanks to dudebar at HUKD!


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