John Adams Golden Coin Maker £13.50 @ Amazon

Golden Coin Maker £13.50 Amazon

The power of adverts is strong with this one... the John Adams Golden Coin Maker is one of those toys that is never off the television. Your kids will go on about how great it looks and how they need it. You won't want to waste your money on it because you know it'll make a mess and will be pretty rubbish. That won't stop you buying it for them though, so save yourself some money and get on over to Amazon where you can bag it for just £13.50.

Christmas is not complete without a net of Chocolate Coins. Don't worry if you haven't bought any yet. Get the kids this John Adams Golden Coin Maker and they can produce them all day long... or until the run out of foils.

This toy doesn't come with chocolate but you can choose from around 20 messages and pictures including: congratulations, good luck, happy birthday, smiley face, or your very own personalised design.This apparently works with any foil so you won't have to search for some specific refill.

You can have the John Adams Golden Coin Maker delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you don't wish to spend as much as that and you don't have Amazon Prime then delivery is £3.30.

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