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Do you get through as many batteries in your house as I do in mine?  I know we have a few things that take various sizes of the little power supplies but sometimes the rate at which I'm buying them seems to massively outweigh the things we have to put them in! I have some theories...

I little while ago I was sent a range of Duracell battery things to review - 'WHOPPPPEEE, how 'exciting'!' was my first thought and I think it spoke volumes when that review became one of my favourites of 2011!

So my theories

  1. There are battery fairies who sneak into the kitchen drawer (home of all our household batteries) in the dead of night and STEAL them! Or
  2. The teenagers sorry, teenager (there's only one living in the house now) EAT them!

I must also admit to being a battery snob - this is either down to being brainwashed by those creepy pink Duracell bunnies into believing that Duracell batteries are better than all the rest, or I'm reminded of the fact that things do indeed seem to be powered for longer when there's one of those black and copper coloured batteries inside.

The deals extend to single use and rechargeable Duracell batteries and there are savings of between 11 and 39% off the full retail price to be made; hurrah!

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