Doctor Who Flight Controlled Tardis £8 @ Amazon

Doctor Who Flight Controlled Tardis £8 @ Amazon

Ooooh I hope Amazon leaves the price of this Doctor Who Flight Controlled Tardis alone long enough for you to get your hands on one for £8, instead of the normal £14.99.

I'll be honest with you - I've gone right off Doctor Who, I didn't watch any of the last series and even gave the Christmas special a miss.  I think it's gone a bit silly and is trying to be too clever now - give me Merlin and Downton Abbey on a Saturday and Sunday and I'm a happy girl.

Still, I know I'm very much in the minority and so this Doctor Who Flight Controlled Tardis could be just the thing for you, if you're looking to buy something for a young Time Lord fan.

What you get is your very own nine inch electronic toy TARDIS which is in scale with the Doctor Who action figure range <-------- well it would be a bit daft otherwise wouldn't it!

There are eight motion activated interactive sound effects, a flashing TARDIS Lantern, opening doors and telephone door.  However, your Doctor Who Flight Controlled Tardis doesn't include any figures or the three AA batteries it needs to bring it to life.

Other than that it looks pretty cool for £8 rather than £14.99 and should keep Doctor Who fans amused for a little while.

Thanks to Gemo at HUKD


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