Boys Toys Clearance Sale @ Tesco Direct

Boys Toys Clearance Sale @ Tesco Direct


Boys and their toys, eh? They love 'em. So they'll be delighted to learn that Tesco Direct are having a clearance sale on boys toys right now.

There are loads of bargains to be had, like this Power Rangers Jungle Fury Rhino Blade. (Try saying that five times, really fast...) Usually £20.00, it's now just FIVE POUNDS. I mean seriously, how many toys can you buy that will entertain boys for a fiver? It's suitable for children aged 4 and above.

And if you prefer your childrens' toys to be a little less, um, aggressive, then what fidoabout this Dork Hunters Fido Talking Soft Toy? Usually £12.67 it's now £6.33. I have to admit to having never heard of the Dork Hunters before but apparently Fido is the leader of the Dorks, whoever they might be. This is a talking plush toy with articulated legs, and if you press his paw he'll utter some apparently well-known phrases. He also comes with 6 scratch and sniff stickers.

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