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If you want to expose the competitive streak in almost every family member and friend who comes to visit over Christmas then a Bop It XT is what you need.  I bought my eldest son a Bop It for Christmas a fair few years ago and it was a HUGE hit with everyone, not just him.

Here's how it works: there are four handles with a 'task' on each end - flick it, spin it, twist it and pull it, then in the middle is a big button to BOP IT!

You can play as one player or with three others and as the music plays you will be given instructions to either twist, pull, spin, flick or BOP IT! Fail to perform the correct task in the correct order and in the correct time the you're OUT; the more sequences you perform correctly the faster and faster the music goes.

My youngest son has custody of the Bop It now, if it was still in this house then I'd have to dig it out and play with it again; plenty of hours will be spent messing around on a Bop It XT if you have one - for kids and adults it's just too much fun and a bargain at £18.59 instead of £27.99.

Time hasn't quite run out for home delivery yet (at the time of writing), that deadline is fast approaching though.  However, if you can't get to an Argos that has stock then you still have some time to ask Argos to deliver your Bop It XT to you - it will cost you an additional £3.95.

(You can check stock around the country over at

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