Bladez Micro Remote Control Helicopter £13.49 @ The ToyShop

Bladez Micro Remote Control Helicopter £13.49 @ The ToyShop

helicopterThese Bladez Micro Remote Control INDOOR helicopters are likely to fly off the shelves at The Toy Shop - especially as they've been reduced from £26.99 down to £13.49!

Years ago I  bought my eldest a remote control helicopter for his birthday, it wasn't huge but you had to fly it outdoors.

I'll never forget hearing him sob as it disappeared over the trees into the next field over; there was a bit of an art to flying this thing and it took me a week of tracing the field in a grid pattern to find it.

He was reluctant to fly it after his first traumatic helicopter piloting experience *sigh*

Maybe I  should have started him off with one of these Bladez Micro Remote Control Helicopters - they are small and designed to be flown inside.

They fly up and down and move left and right, so there's no need to worry about them being flown at top speed into your TV screen!

30 minutes of charging will give you between six to eight minutes of flying time, has a range of 12 meters and is suitable for kids aged eight and over.

Standard delivery is £3.95 or you can collect instore for free.

Thanks to stardeals over at HUKD!


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