12 Super Gliders £1 @ Poundland

12 Super Gliders £1 @ Poundland

Poundland 12 Super GlidersPoundland is selling packs of 12 Super Gliders for £1. In case you've never come across these before, they're planes that you put together, and which can glide quite long distances. And kids absolutely love them! I can say this because we got a couple of packs of these for my son's birthday party. We never did get to play any other party games as the boys went nuts running around with the planes.

In the pack you get the three parts that make up the body of the plane, and three clear plastic parts that make up the nose, and propeller. I assume they're easy to put together because my partner did all that! Speaking from experience though,

I would say that you need to have a few ready made, to hand out to the boys while you make the rest, if you're using them as a group activity. It is, my partner found, rather stressful to try and put them together with ten six year old boys trying to climb all over you with excitement. And ten pairs of hands trying to be ever so 'helpful'.

Once they've got the planes they can launch them in the air to see how far they glide. These are not the most robust of toys. The body is made out of a sort of thin foam, so they can get bent quite easily. However, it was surprising how careful the boys where with them.

The propeller and nose are prone to falling off. But these are fairly easy to put back on again. And it is good for the boys to see the difference it makes and how necessary it is to have the right sort of weight etc on the plane to make them fly.


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