BecoStep Review

30 April 2011


The BecoStep is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable toddler step which helps little ones reach the toilet or basin (or possibly even the kitchen counters, if needed!)

Like its predecessor, the BecoPotty, the BecoStep is made from bamboo and rice husks. They've added some biodegradable resin, and then poured into a hot mould to make a strong and sturdy stepping stool.

Being made from bamboo rather than plastic, the BecoStep is quite heavy, making it less likely to cave in or topple over, which is preferable, really. The wide base is supported by rubber strips on the feet, preventing slipping, and the top has raised contours making it easier for little feet to have a firm grip.

As I said, it is quite heavy, so ideally you wont want your little one carrying it around too much, and because it is so solid, I have wondered whether it would crack easily if, say, dropped, but I was obviously not going to test that out. I had a search around online, but it's not a problem anyone has experienced, so apparently not.

The BecoStep also looks good in the bathroom. It's easy to shove out the way, under the basin, for example, and it doesn't add to the 'a child lives here' appearance of the house.

As with the BecoPotty, there's life for the BecoStep post children too – it makes a fantastic biodegradable planter. You can turn it into a plant pot, planter or mini herb garden. In our house, some of us have also found use for it as a toy box. No guesses who.

Available in three colours, pink, blue and natural, the BecoStep can be purchased from BecoThings at £14.99, or you can find it at Jojomaman Bebe (£15) and Amazon (£12.49), among others.

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