Children's Vitamins And Supplements Sale @ Husha Byebaby

Children's Vitamins And Supplements Sale @ Husha Byebaby

Animal Parade vitamins and supplements

If the drawing in of the evenings and steady decline in temperatures has filled you with dread for the colds and coughs that are bound to start trickling (or avalanching) in from school, then hopefully this offer will give you a little relief.  Husha-byebaby have a range of children’s vitamins that are currently discounted by various amounts.

While feeding my daughter fresh fruit and vegetable is a daily necessity, I realise that she would need to eat a bag of oranges to have the right vitamin C requirements for, say, fighting a cold, so while we’re not regular pill poppers having a supplement on hand does seem like a good idea as the autumn draws in.

Husha Byebaby are offering a range of Animal Parade supplements including Calcium tablets for £8.10 instead of £10.15, Vitamin D3 drops for £7.56 instead of £9.45 and Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplements for £16.88 instead of £21.10.

There are 27 different options to choose from, depending on your requirements and standard delivery will cost you £3.50.


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