Converse Unisex Kids' Low Tops From £11.85-£14.40 @ Amazon

5 January 2016
Converse Unisex Low Tops @ Amazon

My eldest two boys are 7 and 9 (10 at the end of this month). They tell me that it's social suicide if you have rubbish shoes. Now I remember it being like that when I was at High School but not at Primary. As much as I love my kids I won't bankrupt myself for a pair of shoes, so I keep my eyes peeled for deals like these Converse Trainers at Amazon. The Converse Unisex Kids' Low Tops are from £11.85 to just £14.40.

As always with Amazon, they don't just have one price for all sizes. This bugs me, but these are still a bargain.

Size 12.5 junior are the cheapest at £11.85, and the dearest is Size 13 at £14.40.

These low top styles of Converse are very wearable and so make a great choice for kids.

Delivery is FREE on these Converse Unisex Kids' Low Tops when you have Amazon Prime or spend £20+. If you don't have Amazon Prime, then why not sign up to the FREE 30 day trial? Delivery is £3.95 for those without and spending under £20.

Thanks to VW1972

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