Cuticura Hand Hygiene Range Review

cuticuraHandHygiene It's easy to get swept away on a tidal wave of panic when you read statements alerting you to the fact that mobile phones are covered with up to 18 times more living bacteria than on the flush handles in men's toilets.

Bacteria have been around for millennia longer than us, will probably outlive the human race too and on average, we are all walking around with more than 10 million bacteria on our hands at any given time.

Luckily for us most of them are harmless, but there are some 'bad boys' out there just waiting to make us sick, such as ecoli.

Soap and water are regarded as the kings of hand cleaning BUT germs and bacteria spread much faster on wet hands; what do you do if soap, water and something decent to properly dry your hands on aren't available?

The Cuticura Hand Hygiene range has been designed to tackle that very dilemma and they sent us some of their products to try.

We were given:

All of the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products kill 99.9% of bacteria and don't require soap or water, making them ideal for keeping with you whenever you go out.

They are available in various sizes and small enough to conform to the current 100ml liquid hand luggage limit for flying.

Cuticura Hand Hygiene Foamer

cuticuraHandHygieneFoamerI only just lined all the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products up on my desk when my nearly 16-year-old daughter came into the office and declared her NEED for one of them.

"There's never any soap in the toilets at school," she proclaimed, "and if you saw the state of the sinks you wouldn't want to go anywhere near them anyway!"

There was no point in arguing with her and she chose the Cuticura Hand Hygiene Foamer as her hand sanitiser of choice; it's been trekking backwards and forwards to school with her for the last couple of weeks.

You can see the clear liquid inside the bottle - which is useful because you can see exactly how much you have left - which, miraculously, turns into a light frothy foam when you pump it out.

You just need a couple of squirts and, having retrieved it from my daughter's bag very early this morning (to protests of, "OHHH! You're not keeping it are you?!") I can tell you that there's still half left.

I'm rather impressed by this as you just know it's been used at any given opportunity AND squirted around all her friends too.

It's very quick drying and doesn't leave your hands in the least bit sticky.

We've both discussed the smell of the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products and agree that we like it, but how to describe it to you has proved rather more tricky; it's not floral and it's not fruity.

If I had to label it as anything at all I'd say it has a slightly masculine aftershave type scent to it - which looks terrible written down; you'll just have to trust us that it's not unpleasant at all.

The hand hygiene foamer is alcohol free and contains aloe vera to keep your hands soft.

Cuticura Original Hand Hygiene Gel

cuticuraHandHygieneGelThe clear gel is very cold when you apply it which is rather nice and refreshing.

To start with it has quite a strong alcohol smell to it but when it's dry it leaves a lovely fresh scent behind.  It's very quick to dry too so you won't be left rubbing your hands together for ages and ages.

There is a warning on the back of the hand hygiene gel which tells you not to apply it to broken skin.

I had a paper cut on my index finger that I'd forgotten all about until I rubbed some onto my hands, I was VERY quickly reminded that I'd cut myself.

Wow did it sting! So I heartily concur with Cuticura, don't use the hand hygiene gel on broken skin!

Cuticura 2 in 1 Hand Hygiene Lotion

cuticuraHandHygieneLotionThink hand hygiene gel combined with mosituriser for this one.

You just need to apply a little bit to dry hands - and a little bit really does go a very long way - and rub it in until it's dry.

It has the same alcohol smell to begin with which fades to that fresh scent afterwards and whilst it's not thick like a moisturiser it does have a definite creaminess to it when you rub it in, and it leaves your hands feeling smoother than the other hand hygiene products do.

This one also contains alcohol, so definitely avoid it and use the hand hygiene foamer instead if you have a paper cut like I did.

Cuticura Hand Hygiene Wipes

cuticuraHandHygieneWipesThese are handy little devils when you need a wipe that can engage in germ warfare, such as restaurant high chair tray tables *shudder*

I tend to keep wipes in various sized packs all over the place - especially in my handbag or the car - but none of them have germ-killing capabilities.

The wipes are strong and soft but I did find my hands took much longer to dry than they did when I used the other hand hygiene products.

In my opinion, they're great for wiping things down, but if I was just wanting to clean my hands  I'd choose either the hand foamer or the 2 in 1 lotion instead as they dry in less than 10 seconds.

And finally...

I was very happy with all of the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products; even though I'm not prone to germ paranoia it's nice to be able to tuck something into my bag just in case.

The wipes obviously have a determinable 'life span' as there are 15 in a pack but the hand foamer, gel and 2 in 1 lotion will last you quite a while, even if you use them often; a tiny bit goes a very long way.

All of the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products lived up to their promise of not leaving a sticky residue behind too, which is great because there are few things worse than sticky hands.

Are they effective at killing germs?

Well I'd have to conclude they are as I've not come down with any bug-bourne illness since I've been using them.  But who's to say I would have done if I hadn't been using the Cuticura Hand Hygiene products; it's impossible to quantify really.

What I can quantify is value for money - the tiny cost of this Cuticura range compared to how long they last make them very good value for money, in my opinion.

The Cuticura Hand Hygiene range is available from: Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Savers, Waitrose, Lloyds Pharmacy, Bodycare, TJ Hughes, Semi-Chem and independent pharmacies.

The world is your retail oyster, well almost, you're not going to have any trouble finding the Cuticura Hand Hygiene range put it that way.  I suggest putting 'Cuticura Hand Hygiene' into a Google shopping search and seeing who's selling them for the best price.

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