ChicksRule Flash Drive Bracelet Review

The Flash Drive Bracelets from ChicksRule are totally funky and ideally suited to young people, but a fun loving adult wouldn’t be totally averse to using it either.

The PVC Flash Drive Bracelet is all of those things. It’s a bracelet, it’s a USB Flash Drive, it’s plastic, and it’s a bracelet. The characters on the Heart Noggings bracelet are from the David & Goliath range of fashion items, and along with the funk factor it has a purpose – the 2GB USB drive.

There’s not masses to say about this, from a functionality point of view – stick it in the computer, transfer your files, keep it with you. Doesn’t really get easier. A red light flickers to tell you it’s connecting, and while connected the red light remains on.  The USB bit is what makes the ‘clasp’ for that turns it into a bracelet.

What is fantastic about it, however, is how durable it is. As soon as I took it out of it’s packaging, my two year old was all over it. Obviously, she doesn’t know what it is, but the colours and pictures totally appealed to her and for the next two days I couldn’t prize it out of her hands. I totally expected it to end up broken, but it didn’t. She swung it, twisted it, nibbled on it and did all sorts to it, but it remained as good as new. That really impressed me.

There are five of these bracelets in thee range: junk food, heart noggins, sushi roller, veggies and sweet treats, and they are all really sweet. At £15 they are more pricey than your average 2GB memory stick, but they are very cute and I can imagine most tweens and teens would love them.

They certainly get a huge thumbs up from my toddler!

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