Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix Review

bettyCrockerCupcakes Hands up who DOESN'T like cupcakes.


No, I didn't think so!

I've yet to come across someone who doesn't like cupcakes, but I do know a fair few people who don't always have the time or the inclination to make them from scratch.

If you're one of those people then fear not, Betty Crocker Cupcake mixes will come to your rescue; each cupcake pack contains everything you need to make nine rather scrummy cupcakes in less than half an hour.

Betty Crocker sent us a couple of packs of her newest cupcake flavours to try and, amid howls of protest from some in the PlayPennies office, we sent them straight back out again to PlayPennies mum, Laura.

"While I’m normally more of a make-from-scratch hostess, I really like that I can always be 10 minutes from freshly baked treats," says Laura, "added to which, there’s one bowl to clean up. Easy and simple."

We definitely like the idea of minimal washing up in return for maximum cupcake pleasure.

"It says on the box that the cupcakes will take 10 minutes to prepare, but really it takes a lot less than that," this is a definite plus if you have a last minute play date or cake-loving friends who decide to drop in unannounced.

"You can have these in the oven – and out again – before they arrive," tells Laura, "and kids on play dates can sit and ice them together before tucking in." Good idea!

Lemon Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix

bettycrockerLemonCupcakesTaste wise, Laura wasn't too sure about the lemon Betty Crocker cupcake mix.

"The lemon is a bit hit and miss, in my opinion," she confesses.

"The batter is very lemony, but once they’re cooked, the cupcakes themselves aren't quite as strong and I felt they had a bit of an egg aftertaste."

Her partner didn't think this was much of a problem though – in his opinion, because the lemon icing is strong you wouldn’t want the cupcake to be too lemon flavoured as well.

However, Laura thought the icing was lovely but would have liked there to have been more of it.

"In the picture on the packet there’s a good spread of thick icing on the cupcakes, but I didn’t get that on mine AND I was a cupcake down due to an over-eager toddler," Laura explains. "It was quite rich though, so it was sufficient, it just didn’t look as well covered as I would have liked."

Laura was a little concerned that the meringue sprinkles would be tooth-breakingly hard, "... but they weren’t at all; they looked pretty, were really rather nice and there were certainly enough to decorate the nine (or in our case eight) cupcakes."

Laura told us that her almost two-year-old really enjoyed putting the sprinkles on; I bet she enjoyed eating the cakes more though!

Cookies and Cream Betty Crocker Cupcake Mix

bettyCrockerCookiesAndCreamCupcakesThe preparation method for the Cookies and Cream cupcake mix is, unsurprisingly, the same as for the lemon flavour.

There was one major difference though for Laura, "The Cookies and Cream flavour were definitely my favourite of the two.  Flavour wise, compared to the lemon ones, these were fantastic!"

Laura went on to tell us that the icing was really sweet, "This time round it was really no problem not having thick icing, and there was an abundance of the Oreo-like cookie crumbs for decoration. In fact we ended up eating the left overs out the packet once the cupcakes were full!"

Laura describes the cupcakes themselves as being spongy, springy and delicious and just what you expect from freshly baked cupcakes.

We're unable to tell you what they were like the day after as they didn't last that long in Laura's household, "I'm sure they'd be fine to store for a day or two, but that's just a guess as we gobbled them all up on the day we made them."

And finally...

Well I think the verdict is pretty clear, don't you?

As super-quick treats or a little baking project, with minimal faff, to share with little ones in the kitchen, these Betty Crocker cupcake mixes are ideal.

There was only one small problem.

"My only real complaint about the Betty Crocker cupcake mix packs was this - the cupcake cups had got pretty squashed in the box and I couldn’t get them to stay put in the pans," Laura explains.

So she just used her own cupcake cups, put theirs in a round container and figured they'd probably return to round over time.

The final word from Laura...

"If I’m honest, I’m always going to prefer cupcakes made from scratch, but when you’re in a rush, need something quick or just want simplicity, these are hard to beat."

Betty Crocker cupcake mixes retail for £2.15 and are available from ASDA, Waitrose and Morrisons.

There's also a Betty Crocker website where you'll find recipe ideas, competitions and an interactive ‘design-your-own-cupcake’ game for the kids.

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