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Who wants to try the best kids obstacle course on the planet?! There's already a Tough Mudder event for adults and this year there is also a Mini Mudder version of the very messy physical challenge event for children. It's a one mile obstacle course where kids will have the chance to have loads of fun outdoors, try something new and adventurous, and get very muddy!

There have already been events in London and Scotland, but there are still some to come later this summer in Yorkshire, the North West, South West, and London South.

Children have to be 42 inches tall or over to take part, and it costs £10 to enter, plus a £1.63 booking fee. Here's what they would be letting themselves in for...

Designed for kids, the course will feature up to 10 exhilarating new obstacles, including:

  • Tunnel of Terror: Who knows what’s inside as you slide up and through the darkened tunnels…Grab friends and climb under, over, and through to the other side with your team!
  • Gooey Shoes: Get your shoes tied tight and take a shot to walk across a slimy slippery surface without slipping, sinking or sticking to the ground! Move quick or you’ll be stuck behind.
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: An international boy or girl of mystery? Sharpen your spy skills and get a super stretch to try and slip through the cracks of the ‘laser’ maze.
  • Mount Mud: Watched your parents on the big course and want to get in the Mud? Climb, slosh, slip, and squirm your way over the grand finale Mount Mud, featuring an exciting Fruit Shoot slide into the mud to claim your headband after finishing the course.

Does this sound like something your own Mini Mudder would like to try? Click here for all the information and to get tickets.

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