Rangs Magic Backyard Boomerang £2.99 @ Amazon

boomerang1 Boomerangs and frisbies, rounders and cricket - games that involve catching things and strike fear into the very middle of my heart!

I loathed playing rounders at school! The fear of being the one to drop, or not catch, the ball when your team were fielding was just hideous.

My frisby catching, during family get-togethers in a country park somewhere, was no better either and as for my frisby THROWING! Well, let's just say there were more wobbles to my frisby chucks than with a plate of jelly being bounced around on a trampoline!

Then boomerangs came into fashion - yeah, thanks for that Rolf Harris! - and I was rubbish at hurling those around too. Actually, I could throw it but it just ended up jabbing into the ground rather than performing an elegant circle and coming back to me.

I wonder if things would have been different if I'd had one of these Rangs Magic backyard boomerangs? It comes with FULL throwing instructions and they guarantee it will return to you if you do it properly (Rolf said that too!).

boomerang2It's made of foam so you're not going to knockout any old ladies should your magic backyard boomerang not take the flight path you expected it to, and it has a 4 - 6 metre flight range...hey, I'd be happy if I just didn't look like a pillock in the park and at only £2.99 (reduced from £5.99) it's a cheap deal for what could be a lot of fun.

Thanks to taswir1 over at HUKD

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  • Tamsin O.
    We'll be doing a review of these fab boomerangs soon!
  • Sarah K.
    Oh great! So I really WILL get to look like a pillock in the park. I'll take the dogs so they can retrieve it for me when I fail to get it to come back to me.

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