Solartronic Massage Chair £99.99 @ Comet

Solartronic Massage Chair £99.99 @ Comet

SolatronicThis wonderful invention has been marked down from £200 to £99.99 at Comet and is well worth every single penny. Parents around the world rejoice! Here sits a wondrous thing that will have the day’s stresses melting off you after only five minutes/

The chair has ten different massage modes and a heat therapy pad for additional, sweet relief. I’m itching to buy one of these but sadly have nowhere to put it. Can you imagine lying back in this, a glass of red wine in one hand and a delicious new book in the other? Bliss.

When you have kids, whether one or six, you spend most of the day running after them, tidying up the same room about sixteen times and catching up on one chore after another. It’s no wonder that parents collapse onto the sofa and stare at one another in bewilderment.Solatronic2

Oooh, but this may well be the cure. Your partner could come home from a hard day at the office and there it is, complete with a snoozing toddler that he dare not disturb. Well, not quite that scenario...A great half price deal at £99.99 with in store collection only, the Solatronic is a lovely buy.

Thanks to cyrus1986 from HUKD!


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  • Claire T.
    Not as good as Laskeys £75 delivered and with quidco too!!!!
    • Colin A.
      Could you post link for the Laskeys £75 chair
      • s
        the laskys chair deal was 2 months ago moron
        • Claire T.
          I bought one last week so they were available I am no moron if then have not got them now not my fault.
          • diane
            please can you tell me if i can get a new controller for the TS804C massage chair and stool
            • mags
              did you ever get a new controller ive been looking for ages cant get one anywhere!!