Pintoy Wooden Stool £4.97 @ Amazon

stool *singing* W O O D  glorious w o o d! Not a whisper of plastic...

A quick google of Pintoy toys will reveal what a stonking price this is for a Pintoy wooden stool; usually retailing for between £17 and £20, £4.97 is an absolute bargain.

I hope you're an early bird rather than a doss-in-bed-on-a-sunday person as one of two things is likely to happen: 1) it'll zoom out of stock before you can click 'add to basket' or 2) those tricksy folks at Amazon will put the price up (they have a habit of doing that you know!).

There isn't a GREAT deal I can tell you about stools that you don't already know, but how about this - I bet you didn't know that the stool was 'invented' in 1749 by a Swiss woman named Maria Schitonstool (I kid you not!) who was addicted to gambling.

When times got tough and cold, because she'd lost all her money at the gambling table, she'd take to burning her furniture to keep the fires burning. Rather than burning entire chairs, she sawed the backs off and VIOLA! the stool as we know it today was born!

THERE! Bet you didn't know that about stools did you! No sawing required to make this one - just screwing the legs on to the bright green base as it comes flat-packed.

Everytime you see a stool now I bet you think of it's Swiss inventor, and if your child won't sit down you can say, in a dodgy Swiss accent, "Hey! Schit-on-stool!!" *grin*

Thanks to Speculator over at HUKD!

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