Aprés Splash Bath Towel Review

22 September 2010

splashSplash About sent PlayPennies an Aprés Splash cotton bamboo hooded towel for babies and we whisked it off to our mum, Kim, to review.

She reviewed this so thoroughly that we now all want one, and, I think, she will become one of our more popular reviewers.

"At first I didn't think that this towel, retailing at £19.99, could possibly be any better than any other baby towel,” said Kim, “Then I tried it! It is great!  The large size means I can completely cover up my daughter when I'm trying to dry her and the hood itself is nice and spacious."

Kim felt that her daughter dries up really quickly with this towel as it is super absorbent. She also waxed lyrical about how nice and soft it was, even after a couple of rounds in the washing machine.

"I like the towel colour and the cute appliqué,” she added, “Although I can't say that my daughter pays much attention to the pink fish appliqué. At least I know it is nice and girly!"

applique  The towel is made from Cotton Bamboo. The label that came on the towel says 'that the towel is made of Black Gold (TM) Bamboo Charcoal and that it 'releases 90% of Far Infrared Ray'

That is a direct quote from the label, and Kim found this a little daunting. In fact, all the label quotes below were written directly from the label and Kim found that these really did give her pause.

"I'll tell the honest truth...that just scared me. I nearly didn't want to use it. I was even more scared because it then says 'Far Infrared Ray of good bamboo charcoal enables to enhance body's blood circulation and metabolism'.  I wondered how a towel could enhance her blood circulation and metabolism.... I hoped it wasn't dangerous."

"The label also states 'Resistant Bacteria and natural deodorizer. - the structure of Taiwan bamboo charcoal provides natural minerals which absorb moisture , prevent bacteria growth and reduce odor, disrupting the spread of germs and fungi harmful to the body'."

blackgoldKim thought that this statement sounded a bit better although she still wasn’t sure why  a towel needs to do all this. I get it, but I love all these super extra side effects and bamboo goodness.

"Also, the grammar / English on the label wasn't correct (the label was also in some type of chinese language) and this didn't match up well with the well established brand of Aprés Splash,” added Kim, “If I could, I'd tell them to omit this label altogether as all it does it make you apprehensive to use the towel as it seems dangerous! And because the English isn't written properly, even more so! "

Kim thought that the towel was really good quality and that it was extremely soft. For her, this was the most important thing as her daughter prefers softer towels and let her use the towel on her.

"I found it quite astonishing that I used the towel on her after her bath and, even though she was completely dry, the towel was too. Normally you end up with a dry child and a soggy, wet towel. My mum was with me at the time and this really impressed her."

splashaboutIt impressed Kim’s mother so much that she said she’d definitely pay the £20 for it as it would be great to use at the swimming pool as it dries baby quickly, thus eliminating a wet, slippery baby which is very dangerous near tiled swimming pool floors. 

 "I will admit, this is the first time I have heard of Splash About myself.  I never knew that half of the products they sell were even around, which is a shame as I'd have probably bought a lot of them in that late term pregnancy stage when I had the inclination to by everything and anything baby related."

Well that’s certainly high praise from Kim who is one of our stricter reviwers. However, she did have some other thoughts to add.

"I think about my purchases a bit more nowadays, and think to myself do I really need this and is it worth the money?” she said, “ I probably wouldn't go out and buy this towel myself as I do still think £20 is a lot of money for a child's bath towel.  I definitely would recommend the product and I would try and convince a family member to buy me one as a gift."

"The problem is, I already have five hooded bath towels for little one and it has probably cost me £20 for all of them. But not one of them is anywhere near as good as the Splash About one. If I'd known about this before my baby was born I'd have bought this to use from birth. Then it would have been a good investment."

And Finally 

sizedifferenceThe size of the towel should last you until baby is at least four or five years old which does add value to the purchase alongside the quality and absorbency described by Kim.

All the photographs you see here have been taken by Kim so you can see the towel in action.

"I have taken a photo of a conventional baby's hooded towel placed on top of the Splash About one (seen to the left here). There is quite a size difference.  The Press Release letter they sent to me says that the towel is naturally Anti-Bacterial, Anti-mildew and Super Absorbent."

"I think this is what they were trying to say on the 'Black Charcoal' label but didn't quite manage it. I'm not sure why it needs to be anti-bacterial or anti-mildew but I suppose it is in case you don't wash it every time then nasty things can't grow on it. I definitely don't want bacteria on my little one's towel."

 Kim felt that overall this was a good towel that does the job well. She did wonder if they would make adult sized ones to add to the range as she would definitely try and persuade someone to buy her one of those.  She said that the product really did impress her and her family but that the price was quite high and would sit more in the bracket of ‘luxury item’.

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