When Morning Sickness Strikes

Morning sickness is different for everyone - from feeling midly queasy to full-blown hyperemisis gravidarium, which is just a bit too scary and hideous to contemplate for my liking.

For me, with all three of my children, I felt as if I was on a little boat on rough seas and I couldn't get off it; it was always the giveaway sign that I was pregnant and a test always confirmed it.

I was never actually sick though but the unrelenting seasick feeling was not much fun and I tried all sorts of things to try and ease it - I'm not sure that chocolate worked really, it was just a good excuse to eat chocolate!

There are lots of various thoughts about how to ease the symptoms of morning sickness out there (I won't say 'cure', it just doesn't seem like the right word) and ginger is possibly one of the most well-known.

My cousin nibbled on gingernut biscuits, I don't like those so I resorted to ginger beer - I'm not sure if that worked either really, but it was a good excuse to drink lashings of the stuff...Enid Blyton would have been proud.

Some people swear by those anti-sea sickness pressure point wrist band things, I didn't try those - if you have, did they work for you?!  Let us know!

I came across these Foods and Drink to Cure Morning Sickness ideas this morning (and no, I wasn't looking them up for myself!) and whilst the Avgolemeno soup really doesn't appeal, the Canteloupe Melon ice lollies (I just can't call them popsicles, sorry) sound awesome enough for me to want to give them a go without a hint of morning sickness!

If you have any tried and tested morning sickness remedy suggestions, post them as a comment below.

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