Chicken Doodle Soup

1 September 2010

doodle1 Did you look at the keyboard to see if the N is near the D and whether I need a visit from the typo' police?

Well it's not and, yes, I did mean Chicken Doodle Soup!

Chicken Doodle Soup is one of three sets of paper placemats for kids that they can doodle on and I think they are genius.

I love to doodle, I've not met a kid yet who doesn't either and these doodle placemats will satisfy that doodling urge whenever it takes hold - it's ok, we're allowed to think outside the box and doodle AWAY from the dinner table.

The genius part for me is the sneaky grown-up'ness of them.

They can be used to encourage children to come and sit nicely at the table before dinner and engage in some family 'chat', rather than not arriving until their food arrives and just launching themselves at it and leaving immediately after.

doodles2They can be taken to restauarants that don't provide drawing packs for kids - at some point grown up restaurants with kids become a necessary assault course for all families, at least they are if you don't want to be eating at Macdonald's or Pizza Hut for the rest of your lives!

There are 36 placemats in each set which are: Doodles at Lunch (£6.37),  Doodles at Dinner (£5.24) and Chicken Doodle Soup (£6.37)

What do you think - genius or gimmick?

I vote GENIUS!

What do you think?

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