Faux Leather Bean Cube Half-Price @ Tesco

chocolateCube These bean cubes could just be one of the most useful things to have around.

Now, not only are they v e r y useful they are also half-price over at Tesco Direct - reduced from £25 to £12.50 - so they aren't going to stay in stock for long; don't umm and ahhh for too long!

If you're preggars then let me tell you there are hours and  h o u r s of spending time next to your child's bed ahead of you.  If you're already a seasoned pro at this then you'll know just how uncomfortable traditional beanbags are AND noisy - you've no idea just HOW noisy until you try to get off one and sneak away at 3am!

So these bean cubes are a much more sensible idea - they are neat, compact, easy to move from room to room and can be stacked in a corner if you have more than one around the house AND they are also dead simple to keep clean,

They're big enough for you to sit on and small enough for your child to use too - and when you're done with the graveyard bedroom shifts you can use them as footstools, put your feet up and remember how it used to be when you survived on 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time.

Thanks to halyhoo over at HUKD!

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