Doctor Who: Dalek Fleece Blanket @

Doctor Who: Dalek Fleece Blanket @

DrWho1This is a fleece blanket, with a Dalek on it. For £5 with free delivery. Do we need to say anything more!

Personally I only have one more thing to say – why don’t these come in double bed sizes? My five year old son isn’t just nuts about Dr Who, he wants to be The Doctor when he grows up (although touchingly he did check first that he’d be able to still live with me if he became the doctor, before committing to the career choice). He doesn’t have such a good grasp of goodies and baddies though. In his world, there are no baddies – just people or characters who are a bit naughty but are really the good guy’s friends. So, he does think the Daleks are the Doctordr-who-and-a-dalek’s best mates, and he loves them to pieces. One of his favourite games is to put the washing basket on his head and run around the room shouting ‘exterminate, exterminate’. I think I know someone who’ll be getting a Dalek blanket very soon.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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  • Sho
    Go Continental and use two single blankets/duvets. Then you can have a Dalek blanket each!
    • Lynley O.
      Ha ha! Yes almost but I am not sure the blanket is long enough!