Vtech Vsmile Thomas & Friends Game Console £19.99 @ Play

Vtech Vsmile Thomas & Friends Game Console £19.99 @ Play

vtech"Peep Peep!" said Thomas, "save £20 and grab yourself a bargain!"

I was going to kick off this GLORIOUSLY sunny day Bank Holiday Monday with a fabulous outdoor summer deal - but the gloriously sunny bit looks like it's going to be nothing more than wishful thinking, so I found a Thomas deal to lead with instead.

This Vtech Vsmile Thomas and Friends is usually £39.99 but Play.com have slashed that price in half and are giving it away for £19.99 - I just had a quick look-see on Amazon and they're currently selling it for £31.77.

It's very reminiscent of the Sega Mega Drive I had back-in-the-day with its game cartridges that you just plugged in to the console (wow, I wish I still it - I was ace at Super Hangon).

It comes with a karaoke microphone and joystick with drawing pad and pen and the Thomas and Friends 'Engines Working Together' game - karaoke with Thomas...awesome! - and you can store up to nine game cartridges in the storage bit at the back.

What it DOESN'T come with, which I think is totally ridiculous, is a mains adapter!  Vtech aren't daft and produce some great toys and products for kids but why on earth they see fit not to include an adapter with this is beyond me - perhaps I should find a battery bargain next!

vtech2However, if you don't have shares in Duracell or have an endless stash of rechargeable batteries, you could always do what one canny parent did - go to your local pound shop (or anywhere that sells cheapo electrical bits and pieces), pick up a universal 9v mains adapter plug and Robert is your  mother's sister's husband.

Reviews from parents are mixed but by all accounts the kids LOVE it!

Thanks to cherish138 over at HUKD


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