HUGE Blu-ray deals @ Amazon

7 July 2010

ironMan When I say HUGE blu-ray deals at Amazon, I'm talking at LEAST 60% off over 705 different titles!

I've never watched a movie on Blu-ray DVD in my life, despite having a Blu-ray drive on my laptop that I've had for the last 18 months!

Why? Well, primarily because I keep forgetting that it's a Blu-ray drive but also beccause the discs have always been, in my opinion, hugely expensive; they seem to be starting to come down in price now and I'm assuming that before long most, if not all, new DVD players will be Blu-ray compatible.

So in a bid to show willing in embracing this not-really-new-anymore technology and taking advantage of Amazon's generosity - here's a quick whistle stop tour through some of the films they've got on offer (you can sort them by genre if you don't fancy trawling through all 705 in one go!).

ttwFor romantics - The Time Traveller's Wife - £7.49 (was £24.99) SAVING 70%

For kids - The Wild - £6.93 (was £26.99) SAVING 72%

For drama - My Sister's Keeper - £5.99 (was £24.99) SAVING 76%

For boxsets - The Mummy Trilogy - £14.93 (was £49.99) SAVING 70%

All titles qualify for free delivery if you go for the SuperSaver delivery deal.

Happy Blu-raying!

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