Doctor Who Series 1-4 £43.47 @ Amazon


Doctor Who is the bomb. And usually Doctor Who is really expensive, so this particular deal is fab. Down from £89.99 to £43.47, this Doctor Who box set has a saving of over half the original price and includes all four of the latest seasons.

The Doctor Who Complete box set of seasons 1-4 includes Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as well as Billie Piper and the lass who played Martha. I absolutely loved these seasons, really brilliant, and the different interpretations of the mad alien.

The Doctor Who collection box comes with a little booklet that covers info on the episodes and a nice looking way to store the DVDs.  So, if you love Doctor Who and have kids who are hanging off the edges of their seats for the next season, then this is an ace buy.

I am quite amazed by how expensive the series is to buy, really, and think that this price makes a huge difference. A brilliant way to start your Doctor Who collection.

Thanks to debadwolff at HUKD!


  • debadwolff
    must never forget Donna considering she will never remember ...
  • Lynley O.
    I b****y loved Donna! Wasn't she brilliant. I've really enjoyed all the companions, except Amy (she's OK but none of the strength of character the other companions had, and I'm including Mickey and Rory here). This new doctor started with a major reset to the Dr Who universe, and a huge change to the Tardis. So who knows? Besides this is Sci Fi. Never say never. There could be a cracking storyline in there at some point. Can you imagine Timelord Donna? Brilliant if done properly.

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