District 9 Blu-ray £8.99 @ Amazon

District 9 Blu-ray £8.99 @ Amazon


I just had to post this deal because this film is a real winner. For fans of sci-fi this particular movie is a must-see. Offering intense action, a superb storyline, excellent acting and so much more, District 9 is well worth adding to your movie collection at home. Down to only £8.99 at Amazon, and including free delivery, this is a brilliant price.

This provocative science fiction drama echoes the days of South African apartheid with aliens segregated in the city of Johannesburg. Instead of having to endure horrific American voice acting, the cast were all South African actors and they absolutely shone in the film.

The film begins as a mockumentary of the imminent eviction of extraterrestrials from a shantytown called District 9. The creatures have been living on Earth for years and have been living in Johannesburg ever since their ship arrived above the planet, packed with sick and starving aliens. Initially cared for with compassion, they are now seen as a blight and a menace.

It is a rich and thought-provoking film that doesn't resort to typical blockbuster action and happy endings. When you've finished watching you are left wondering and pondering. Definitely a brilliant film that took me by surprise.

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