Workshop Wednesday: Spring Crafts And Mother's Day

WW flower gardenAs Spring shows it's beautiful face all over the place, my kids and I have taken advantage of the remaining cooler late afternoons, to start crafting some ditties that could double as both Spring crafts, and Mother's Day gifts: Lollipop Gardens!

You will need:

  • Cardstock
  • Decorative stickers and glitter glue
  • Lollipops
  • Scissors

To make your butterflies: 


Fold a card in half, and trace one side of a butterfly.  Cut out the butterfly wings, and unfold for a perfectly symmetrical butterfly.

Fold again and use a hole punch to punch half a hole twice along the spine.  This way when you open it up you have two sufficiently sized holes.

Decorate the butterflies.

When the are done, thread your lollipop through to serve as the butterfly head and body.

To make a flower garden:

Spring Crafts From PlayPennies

You can just draw and cut flowers, but I folded them in half to get the symmetrical flower shapes.

Same as with the butterflies, punch a hole in the middle, or if -  like me - you only have a small punch, fold the flower in half and punch half a hole on the spine.

Colour the stamen - the middle part of the flower - to distinguish it.

First I drew the individual petals, but then I decided to rather cut them out, so I cut to the stamen, and that worked well.

Finally, pop the lollipop through the stamen. You could finish the look by adding green 'leaves' to the 'stem' - the lollipop stick - but we didn't go that far.

And there you have a lovely butterfly flower garden for a simple Spring Craft or Mother's Day gift idea.


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