Review: A Mother’s Day Gift With Heart


It was with some excitement that the PlayPennies Mum Panel started to review this range of Mother’s Day gifts from Photobox. The idea is that you donate money to charity every time you buy one of these gorgeous Mother's Day mugs from Photobox and still give mum a magical pressie. It looked like we were onto a winner.

So, armed with our favourite photies (and some red wine, obviously) we created our very own photomug for mum, and this is what we discovered:

Breast Cancer Campaign Pink Mug For Mum

mug2Photobox have teamed up with the charity Breast Cancer Campaign to create a funky and fabulous Mother’s Day pressie. You pay £8.49 and £2.15 of that goes straight to them – not only will mum appreciate the effort but also the sentiment.

We only created one mug between us and it was thanks to my having won the coin toss that I got to be the one who chose the final photo and kept the mug.

Creating the mug is extremely simple. The hardest part is probably going to be choosing which photograph to use. In my case I used a vertical photo that had my daughter running in the distance. Now I would not recommend choosing a similar style when you do this. The image didn't work well on the mug at all - it was too distant and washed out.

This is not to say that the product is bad, not at all, just that a close-up photo similar to the one you can see on the left, is your best bed. Bright vivid colours in close-up is what you need for the perfect mug.

Setting up took seconds and the guide showed us how the photo would fit onto the mug. The entire process made it very simple for all of us to adjust the image to fit properly.

"I was extremely impressed with this. Extremely," said Anya, "I know it sounds like I’m dancing around about something random, but you have no idea how many different photo gift sites I’ve used and how many times I’ve growled in frustration."

It was so easy we were somewhat worried about how everything was going to turn out -  you all know that feeling right? So we sat and waited patiently for our mug to arrive.  Please note that you must order by tomorrow (09 March) to get yours in time!

The mug is really solid and sturdy and the pink inlay subtle and appealing. The image was somewhat washed out but when I compared it to the image I’d chosen it was, as I mentioned earlier, my choice of image that was at fault rather than in the process itself.

The mug didn’t come with dishwasher safe instructions so it’s been slung in there for testing. So far so good I might add!

And Finally

As Mother’s Day gifts go, I think this one is at the top of our favourites list. It may not be a huge pamper fest but I have really loved drinking my morning coffee out of it and seeing my little girl laughing up at me. On a dark stressed out morning, this reminder of a happy moment is just wonderful.


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